Are the recipes from the books on this site somewhere?

No. I am in the bidness of SELLING BOOKS – not providing free recipes. This is why it is vitally important that everybody BUY THEIR OWN COPY and HANG ON TO IT because if you write to me, telling me that you LOANED your book to Aunt Sally and she never gave it back and she’s not home and YOU’VE GOT TO MAKE CHOCOLATE STUFF RIGHT NOW OR YOU’LL DIE and would I please sit down and write it out personally just for you – I can tell you, the answer is No. I wrote ’em all down for you and put them in handy books – it is not my fault that you and Aunt Sally are too cheap to spring for 2 copies. And another thing about loaning my books out – how in this world do you think I will EVER get all my MUCH-NEEDED plastic surgery done – If YOU are loaning the dang books out all the time, hmmm???

What you lookin' for, sweetie?