Is this real—are there really Sweet Potato Queens® and is there really a parade that i myownself can be in???


The Hal’s St. Paddy Day Parade and the MILLION QUEEN MARCH™ WEEKEND IS IN MARCH, every year, in JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI, and you can be in it – as The Queen of Whatever You Choose!

There are many links to info on this site – and you can always e-mail me at – I answer every one and I Know Everything – so fire away, hunny!

What is the schedule of SPQ™ Parade Weekend Events?

Check the schedule of events listed on the Parade page.

What if I have a product idea, or funny story, or a recipe for you?

You will find this info on the Terms and Conditions of Use link at the bottom of every page

Where can I buy a Sweet Potato Queens outfit?

Nowhere. They are made especially for us by a professional costumer–they are architectural wonders but they are ours alone.

Where can I buy real-live majorette boots?

Gotham Boot Company –and no, they don’t come in pink–we just paint ours with the same paint we use on the float! Have to repaint ’em every year but who cares?

Can you help me get my book published?

NO. I wish I could. I WOULD if I could – but I can’t. I am just a writer myownself and I fell into it accidentally by the most unbelievable string of fantastically lucky coincidences. I don’t “know” anything. That means I don’t know how you can get an agent – I didn’t have one. I don’t know how you can get an editor to read your stuff – they called ME and asked for it. No, I cannot read your stuff and give you pointers. I am not allowed to read any unpublished material – this protects everybody. And by the way, it’s not really a great idea to give your stuff to OTHER WRITERS to read – this is a good way to lose your material. EDITORS and AGENTS are who you want reading your stuff. BUT WAIT – THIS WILL HELP YOU!!! I am HAPPY to tell you that my friend ROBYN SPIZMAN has all manner of info and actual books that will answer ALL your questions! I cannot recommend these strongly enough to you – mighta started writing a whole lot sooner if I’da known all this stuff she tells about! You’ll find ROBYN SPIZMAN’S BOOKS on our FRIENDS PAGE – get ’em all!

Are the recipes from the books on this site somewhere?

No. I am in the bidness of SELLING BOOKS – not providing free recipes. This is why it is vitally important that everybody BUY THEIR OWN COPY and HANG ON TO IT because if you write to me, telling me that you LOANED your book to Aunt Sally and she never gave it back and she’s not home and YOU’VE GOT TO MAKE CHOCOLATE STUFF RIGHT NOW OR YOU’LL DIE and would I please sit down and write it out personally just for you – I can tell you, the answer is No. I wrote ’em all down for you and put them in handy books – it is not my fault that you and Aunt Sally are too cheap to spring for 2 copies. And another thing about loaning my books out – how in this world do you think I will EVER get all my MUCH-NEEDED plastic surgery done – If YOU are loaning the dang books out all the time, hmmm???


The Sweet Potato Queens’ Compendium of FAT & HAPPY! It’s an e-book of all the SPQ recipes from all the books PLUS new ones that will be in the next SPQ book!

What you lookin' for, sweetie?