SPQ Weekend 2020 – March 25 – 29, 2020

Make your HILTON-JACKSON RESERVATIONS NOW! Here’s how—do not deviate from this! Call 601-957-2800 ext. 7004 or 601-957-3191 & ASK FOR BILLIE BURNS. Do NOT SAY “reservations” until you are speaking to him. If unavailable, leave a message and/or email him at BILLIE.BURNS@hilton.com. The rate is $111 per night and the code is SPQ20. **THERE ARE A LOT OF Y’ALL AND BILLIE HANDLES THIS ALL HIMSELF, PERSONALLY. HE HAS NEVER FAILED YOU YET. YOU MAY NOT HEAR FROM HIM IMMEDIATELY BUT HE IS AT WORK ON YOUR BEHALF, FEAR NOT.

The THEME of HAL’S ST PADDY’S PARADE is “Here’s Looking at RUDE, kid”—which is a tribute to Grand Marshal, Trace Alston, King of the RUDE MEN—and producer of THE BEST FLOATS IN THE WHOLE THING, EVERY SINGLE YEAR, FOREVER AND EVER AMEN. So, it’s basically CASABLANCA 2020. Fez or fedora, take your pick.

What you lookin' for, sweetie?