We are all distraught that here it is MARCH—PARADE TIME—AGAIN—and the wretched PLAGUE has cancelled us once more. Our Queenly Partners at the CIRLOT AGENCY have made it possible for us to at least SEE OURSELVES in Our Glory today—when we SHOULD all be in the streets of Downtown Jackson for HAL’S ST PADDY’S PARADE—but we are NOT. We are pouting Big Time but we think this video will perk us up considerably.

Way too many of the precious faces you will see here have gone on to Glory and thus have avoided the astonishing AGING PROCESS that is so tragically visible on those of us Still Here but from this day in 2000 to 2021, amazing and wonderful things have happened: gabillions of books sold (multiple New York Times’ #1’s) and over 6,400 Sweet Potato Queen Wannabe™ Chapter Groups in 37 countries!

From the humblest of beginnings in 1982, HAL’S ST PADDY’S PARADE has grown to a true phenomenon and raised a boatload of money for Children’s of Mississippi and it’s only getting bigger and better. We are proud to be a part of it.

The VIDEO OF LOVE was lovingly made for us 20-odd years ago by the INIMITABLE JIM DOLLARHIDE and permission to use it again here has been generously granted by his Estate. Lawdy, he did have himself a FINE TIME filming this. He is loved and missed mightily.

Watch and re-watch this today and all through ’21 whenever you need a Reason to Go On—and use this time to prepare your OUTFITS and your ATTITUDES for MARCH 26, 2022!

What you lookin' for, sweetie?