How have you used the Promise to your advantage or for the good of others? (A BB Queen told me last night at the book club meeting that she and another Queen had visited a high school friend while he was in the hospital–allegedly in a coma. They stood at his bedside and told his unconscious self that if he would just wake up and get better that they would…well, you know. And danged if he didn’t wake up shortly thereafter–and he CALLED THEM UP and wanted to collect–HE HEARD THOSE MAGIC WORDS, EVEN WHILE COMATOSE! Behold, the Power of the Promise!

If you don’t have a good True Story of Using the Promise Effectively, then tell us how you MIGHT ATTEMPT to use it in the future.

The winning # will be drawn on Friday, July 2 and the winner will receive an SPQ T-SHIRT! Come play now–make me proud and make me laugh!

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32 Responses to “OK–TELL ME, NOW”

  • Beth Says:

    Last night my fiancee and I are sitting on the couch and he ‘suggested’ and I decided to use the PROMISE. I said “okay, if you make me a cheesecake” he ran to the kitchen to realize it took to much effort to make cheesecake. So he made brownies (that I had totally forgot about but sounded just as good). Since he didn’t make cheesecake I didn’t have to keep the PROMISE and I still got some dessert!

  • Jennifer Erdosy Says:

    True Story: I had been telling the hubs for YEARS that we were supposed to have another baby, and he was NOT going for it. I finally resorted to The Promise: If he would just let me have another baby, I would give him a BJ every day for the rest of his life. AND HE TURNED ME DOWN A-G-A-I-N!!! (NB: the hubs has NO libido, so he might have considered it a punishment…) said we couldn’t afford another baby.

    flash forward a few months when we find out that despite all signs saying we weren’t fertile (no periods) and extremely infrequent contact, we were having a miracle baby! and he reminds me of The Promise. i said, no way, jose, YOU DIDN’T TAKE THE DEAL. you don’t get to collect on a bet you wouldn’t take!

    baby girl turned 3 sunday. we were both right on the subject: she was mean to be, and we couldn’t afford her, but we wouldn’t trade her for all the financial security in the world. and the hubs is STILL waiting for his BJ.

  • Anna Dandelakis Says:

    Having three girls and a husband who is only home ten days a month, I use the promise every month when he comes home for him to do everything with the children and me not lift a finger on the ten days he is home….well needless to say, I have not had to fulfill that promise as he may go 2 out of 10 days doing everything, but never the entire 10. A few months ago, I was not feeling well and he had no choice but to run them around and take care of their needs while home…on his last day home he comes to me and says, OK, remember that promise you made me, its time to pay up and I said are you kidding me, you only did everything because I was unable and certainly could not enjoy the free time given because of you picking up the slack, told him let his five fingers be his friend…no being paid on the PROMISE!

  • Jill Conner Browne Says:

    Queen Beth–I am so happy to hear you got your just dessert! And Queen Jennifer! Bwahahaha! Are you a lawyer? He shoulda took that deal when he had the chance! And you just THINK you can’t afford that baby girl right now! Whoo! Mine is 22 and costing more every day! I may have to start selling Promises to keep her in school and shoes!

  • Sue Gallagher Says:

    I am not so much having to “use” The Promise anymore becuz I am busy teaching my “wannabes” how and when to use this awesomely powerful tool in their own lives. I do admit to having used it in my own relationship with great results (meaning I hardly ever had to deliver) All the “wannabees” are coming along swimmingly (haha) and will post updates.All hail the queen..


    I always looked up to my friend Jill Conner when we were in school….and if anyone would said that one day she would be a MULTI-BOOK best selling author I would have believed it to the fullest…Never would have doubted she would be head & shoulders about the rest at whatever she decided to do in life….But, if you would have told me my 80 years old Uncle Johnny would call me one day from Vero Beach, Fl to ask me if I really knew “THE SWEET POTATO QUEEN” that writes those funny books and WHAT’S UP WITH THAT PROMISE THINGY” and if I ever made it to my very-on SWEETIE, I NEVER WOULD HAVE DREAMED IT!!!! What a family when you can have a conversation with your Uncle about “THE PROMISE”. I OWE YOU ONE JILL! Yes, his baby girl is the one that asked if you knew her cousin IDA LYNN!

  • Ali G BytheSea Says:

    Finish installin’ them purty granite countertops and I PROMISE we will break them in!

  • Queen Chattycat Says:

    I made a New Year’s Resolution this year to PROMISE to always “Listen more, opinionate less.” I promised myself that if I practiced it, life would be a blessing, karma would be sweet, and life would be a bed of roses.

    I got laid off due to the economy from a job I worked at for 16 years, I’m now on a kidney transplant list, and life is throwing me some unexpected curveballs.

    But as I listened – intently, as promised – to my 93-year old father-in-law on Father’s Day about his rough life growing up, I realized how lucky I was to be alive and surrounded by my beautiful adult children, a to-die for honey hubs of 35 years, and precious friends that I wouldn’t trade for anything. And that’s just my ‘opinion.’

  • Jenny Bruce Says:

    I made a PROMISE to myself that I would make sure my Brazilian Waxes were done before any man made any more promises to me…so that he would remember what his PROMISES to me in the future would get him. ;o)

  • julie upton Says:

    i would like to use THE PROMISE for good, not evil – just like a superheroine. ok – nevermind – it is all about me – let those in need read jill’s books and get their own rewards.

  • julie upton Says:

    ever watch ‘my name is earl’? the daytime hooker commented that ernie (previous crabshack owner) was a real gentleman because when it started raining during ‘the promise being fulfilled’ he put his shirt over her head so her hair wouldn’t get wet! bwawawa

  • Robin O'Bryant Says:

    All my sweet young baby friends (women in their thirties, I know we don’t count as grown folks yet, but we’re trying,) think I am a GENIUS for my barter system. Which is really a rip-off of the promise. I will trade the PROMISE of S-E-X for anything and everything. A milkshake, hanging curtains, not having to clean the kitchen…seriously, anything.

    My poor husband will actually leap into action at the mere mention of the PROMISE because o-ccasionally I pay up and he just never knows if this might be the time…

  • Lynn Says:

    OMG I watched and episode of My Name Is Earl last night and that was the episode I laughed my butt off.

  • Jennifer Erdosy Says:

    i’m not a lawyer, just a smart cookie who’s finally graduated from larval stage this past march! yay for being an all-growed-up queen-type lady!

  • Page Says:

    Ok if you make the promise so that whatever obligation he has to fulfull INCLUDES making the “debt payment” so memorable to you that you start looking for things to barter for! Kinda like making one of your genie wishes “unlimited wishes”!

  • Dottie Says:

    True story. Being younger and foolish I actually fulfilled on “The Promise” while Spud Stud watched a FOOTBALL GAME (on TV) and had a beer in one hand the remote in the other (at least he didn’t have a free hand to push my head down). Haven’t had to do much ever since. Do NOT have to run vacuum, grocery shop, cook, iron, mop a floor, feed an animal or mostly anything else I don’t feel like doin’. Ever once in a while he asks for another “favor” and I remind him that he has had the ULTIMATE experience and must rely upon his memory!

  • Robin O'Bryant Says:


  • Dottie Says:

    Oh Robin, you are just TOO KIND!!!! It has worked out rather nicely for me!! I failed to mention that WHENEVER AND WHEREEVER I MYOWNSELF would like a “favor”, Bubba jumps right to it (no pun intended). Isn’t this just toooooooo much fun!

  • Shannon Escove Says:

    I’d have to think about how and when I use the promise, but I can tell ya’ll I have found in this world there are lots of ppl out there that are not only MAKING the promise, they’re following thru with that stuff, cause there is no other way on God’s green earth these ppl are getting where they are in life on their own merits!!! For example, last week I went to our local gym to get some info and prices on joining where I met the membership manager. There before me stood this teeny, tiny, sadly over tanned, squeeky, brunette, carrying around the tiniest can of tuna I’ve ever seen in my life, sighing as if I’d stepped into her home instead of her actual place of employment, to request information. Immediately hating the little skinny bitch I decided to ignore the sigh and continue with my quest, insisting she give me prices. (Hell I wanna be a skinny bitch too!) She proceeds to tell me a one year membership is $300 and if I wish to add a family member I can get a 20% discount at the low rate of $660 a year. Hmmmm…. Now I’m no math wiz but I know that’s no discount and I proceed to explain just that to lil miss skinny bitch. After several minutes of back n forth (her insisting it IS a discount and me showing her on my handy phone caculator it’s not) I surrendered and left with only one final thought…”That girl has GOT to be blowing someone, somewhere, cause there is no way she can maintain that job and NOT be maintaining some kinda position under someone’s desk!!! I’m just sayin…

  • Simply Queen Doris Says:

    So, Plum Beautiful and I was responsible for the weekly Bingo game at the Legion Hall and we needed alot of tables moved around. Neither of us wanted to get sweaty and tired, so I go into the attached bar and make a very loud announcement to the rednecks, with their longnecks, that Wendy would give a BJ to one of them if they would help us move the tables. As you can well imagine, it wasn’t very long before the bar emptied out and our tables were moved. You could see the excitement and question in their blessed faces. They knew that it wasn’t gonna happen, but the “other” brain still hoped that it would really happen!

  • Simply Queen Doris Says:

    The there was the carry-out of the promise on I-10 on the way to New Orleans. Got me a mink coat! Never knew that a car would accelerate that way!!!!! I know it, That was bad of me!

  • Aunt Sass Says:

    My sweet dear and stupid best spud stud happens to be a certified mechanic. I have effectively used The Promise to obtain oil changes, new brakes and a brand spanking new clutch. He is also very handy with other tools and put together the new bunkbeds when I bought them. Now, I have fulfilled The Promise a time or two, but only so that he understands that there I am without a doubt The Best Promise Giver EVER and just the mere thought will bring him to my door to do my bidding.

  • Jill Conner Browne Says:

    Y’all are making me SO PROUD–and I have nearly spewed several different beverages out my nose reading these. Total Queens, all of you!

  • Scarlet Says:

    Husband brought me home a gorgeous palm tree last summer. I didn’t ask, he just did it. No promises of any kind made.
    The tree has died, due to the incredibly cold winter we had in south Mississippi.
    I’m thinking I need a new tree. I’m thinking what it may take to obtain the new tree…Y’all know what I’m thinking…
    I may be being indulgent but I think I really want two new trees.
    I feel the promise about to surface concerning my landscaping needs :) I’ve been married to this man 30 years, so I have to be crafty. If I just go ahead and de-liver the promise, he’ll just grin and say he’s fallen for that before (he so loves to play, though) so I’m thinking a reminder to soften him up. :) Did I just say that? Hahahaha….

  • Dottie Says:

    Regarding I-10 and mink coat: that was not bad of you, in my opinion, but terribly clever!!! Maybe a little too risky, but not bad. Can those “speed detector” thingies the highway patrol have achlly SEE in your car??? Queen Dottie

  • Simply Queen Doris Says:

    The only people that can see into the car are the 18 wheeler drivers! Got several hoots with their horns!!

  • Simply Queen Doris Says:

    According to my neighbor that drives one, it is a common sight on the road

  • Dottie Says:

    Simply Queen Doris: have heard the same thing, and they think CELL PHONES ARE DANGEROUS!!! Go figger!
    Queen Dottie

  • Dottie Says:

    C’mon ya’ll, only 28 responses??? Are you kidding me?/ Ladies, puleese come OUT OF THE CLOSET WITH REGARD TO “THE PROMISE”. “Queen Dottie”


    Queen Jennifer Erdosy has won this contest and will be receiving an SPQ t-shirt for playing! Thanks to all for your Queenly Enthusiasm!

  • Queen Saraka Says:

    My favorite Promise story. HRH was in town doing a book signing. The Hogs and Kisses Queens NEVER miss a photo op. especially with Jill. Our vera own boss Queen had brought along her favorite husband and HE won a Promise Certificate. As he read the words, his eyes got bigger and bigger and he looked at his loving wife. She is certainly Royalty cause it seems she had managed to get him to do her fetching and carrying all these years without even telling him the Promise existed. Of course, Doris, I don’t think she has a fur coat.

  • Molly Says:

    You know, darlin’, I would ask for a “Promise”, but have you ever heard of a ‘dickydoo’? Well, it’s when your belly hangs out further than your dicky do…..