If you read all the comments on the last contest, you can see that one of my FAVES was posted by BODACIOUS BARBARA–who told us you MIGHT BE A QUEEN IF…you could use “bodacious” and “goober” in the same sentence. (go see her example on that contest–it’s hilarious)–so that brings us to THIS NEW CONTEST, inspired by Bodacious Barbara:


The contest (and it’s just a random drawing based on the numbers of the posts–it’s not a literary competition!) expires on Friday, June18, at 5pm, CDT. If you have lots of ideas, post them separately–so you’re entered multiple times. The prize this time is a HANDPAINTED SPQ ORNAMENT.

I said in my newsletter that this contest would begin tomorrow–but the E-vil Henchman pointed out to me that I will be in surgery tomorrow (and not the fun plastic surgery kind either–see NEWS on the website) so I won’t be able to post it tomorrow. Duh. So go ahead and have at it. I expect your responses to cheer my recovery! Can’t wait to see your sentences!

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91 Responses to “NEW BLOG CONTEST!”

  • Kim Wiseman Says:

    It is very hard to be bodacious daily when surrounded by goobers.

  • Queen Domestik Says:

    “That goober must have more money than Gawd his ownself or be hung like somethin’ fabulous to be with such a bodacious Queen like her!”

  • Kim Wiseman Says:

    Goobers and Raisinettes are absolutely bodacious, but do absolutely nothing for ones badonkadonk.

  • Queen Joey Says:

    “If you weren’t such a goober you would understand why I have to be with other bodacious queens at least once every year.”

  • Bobby Lou Says:

    Being as bodacious as I am, goobers tend to be so-o-o-o in awe of me. It does amuse me.

  • MaggieMine Says:

    The queenly life can be tough with goobers staring at your bodacious bod all day long.

  • Melinda Smith Says:

    That Goober has a bodacious body so we’ll keep him around to serve the Queen !

  • Ramona Gooch Says:

    Being a SPQ with bodacious hair is so awesome and the goobers just don’t understand bodacious SPQ’s.

  • Ramona Gooch Says:

    If I had a dollar for everytime I had kissed a bodacious goober then I would be rich.

  • SpudStudScott Says:

    It takes a bodacious big vat to boil enough salted goobers to satisfy the hungry masses.

  • Ramona Gooch Says:

    I promise nevaaa to promise a goober anything as I am a bodacious SPQ.

  • Beth Elliott Says:

    I wish I he had a Bodacious Goober!!

  • TamRootbeer Says:

    Don’t be such a goober, you KNOW HRH Jill is THE most bodacious queen of us all!

  • SmilingSuz Says:

    LAWD we can’t wait for the Niceville event of the year–the Mullet Festival where the fried mullet, cheese grits and beer flow freely. Few places can assemble 100,000 goobers who are humbled by our bodacious queenliness.

  • Sister Says:

    Though I lack the tatas of the bodacious kind, I was forced to kiss some goobers before finding and marrying The Cutest Boy In Florida. I have shared my knowledge with my tater tots and they can quickly identify a “goober” and it is nothing to do with peas.

  • Renee Watson Says:

    SPQ’s are so hot that even their goobers are bodacious!

  • Ralnana Says:

    I onced kissed a goober who said he loved my bodacious tata’s and guess what-he became my prince in waiting answers to my every need. God Bless Him.

  • Patricia Calef Says:

    I make a bodacious goober and raisin cookie.

  • Rhiannon Says:

    LAWD almighty, I am just too damn bodacious to deal with all these gawd aweful goobers buggin’ me at work. Screw this, I’m headin’ to the bars!

  • Sue Gallagher Says:

    Queen Gammy has a bodacious tiara because her ex-husband was such a goober :)

  • Gail Gregg Says:

    Me ‘n Jimmy James went to that new bodacious boofay and he acted a total goober!

  • Brenda Prell Says:

    I slapped that goober’s hands as he tried to touch my bodacious set of ta tas!

  • Janis Vance Says:

    Well being around rodeo a lot, I have a different meaning for both words………But Bodacious would not be the name of the best BBQ in Texas if Bodacious’ goober still worked…………….

  • Sister Says:

    Moving queenlike through throngs of adoring but well proportioned goobers, not a hair was displaced from my bodacious “DO”.

  • Melissa M Says:

    Here’s to hoping that goober in your boober is benign and you have a bodacious and quick recovery. All my prayers and positive thoughts are with you!!!!

  • Anna Dandelakis Says:

    How in the world did that GOOBER hit that bodacious pink building….how dare him destroy anything pink

  • Anna Dandelakis Says:

    Look at that bodacious rear on that goober dude…what a waste!

  • Queen Deb Says:

    Well Boy Howdie, I surely don’t know how a goober like him produced such a bodacious son like you, bless her heart!

  • Lisa B Says:

    If not for all the Goobers I’ve dated I wouldn’t appreciate how bodacious my current stud is!

  • Louise Lazzarini Says:

    I am Goober’s cousin, the bodacious blond one.

  • Pam Says:

    I’m way too bodacious to be concerned with a bunch of goobers.

  • Terrie Jorgensen Says:

    My husband was a bodacious goober until he met me!

  • Terrie Jorgensen Says:

    Even a goober can be bodacious if he wears pink undies!

  • Mary Hall Says:

    I’ve yet to meet a bodacious goober that I didn’t like.

  • Betsy Branch Says:

    Bodacious bum with ample boobers, a true Sweet Potato Queen eats salted, boiled goobers.

  • Jill Conner Browne Says:

    BWAHAHAHA! Y’all never fail to make me HOWL! Keep ‘em comin’! You’ve got all this week and next–the more you write in, the more chances to win! I hope y’all are reading every one of these–I am screaming laughing–you don’t wanna miss ‘em, I’m telling you!

  • Deanna Grave Says:

    “Hey, Andy,” Goober asked, where did Aunt Bee get those bodacious tatas?”

  • Deanna Grave Says:

    Yes, Handsome, you DO have a bodacious goober but how’s your credit rating?

  • Kim Spradley Says:

    “Hey, that goober is checking out your bodacious ta-tas!”

  • Tammy Cone Says:

    If I don’t come up with some bodacious response to knock the socks off this blog contest, I am gonna feel like such a goober….now think!!!!!

  • Vicki Goodwin Gregory Says:

    The goober wondered all nite if he would get lucky, but the bodacious Queen knew the answer before he sat down and bought the first round.

  • bolton carley Says:

    Ain’t no goober crossin’ this bodacious babe’s doorway ‘less he be toting bacon-encrusted cheesy au gratin taters with a side of chocolate-covered chocolate bon bons and some margs for later.

  • Rhonda Farrimond Says:

    He had a bodacious bod, but she was certainly disappointed at the goober attached to it.

  • SouthernBelle Says:

    I ain’t no goober. I’m a bodacious Queen!!

  • TLBaker Says:

    Although Andy did take into consideration that only a real goober would make such a bodacious statement…

  • TLBaker Says:

    …he was amazed at the bodacious mess Goober made while being shown that it was completely inappropriate to even notice Aunt Bee’s tatas, much less mention them.

  • TLBaker Says:

    They wondered how a bodacious woman like her ended up with such a goober.

  • Nancy Reeves Says:

    Lawdamercy, I feel like a goober after reading all these bodacious comments!

  • SPQ Dee Dee Says:

    She awoke dreamily, cleared the sleeptime goobers from her eyes, and declared, ” I am so lucky to be alive on this bodacious day!”

  • Eileen Says:

    The SPQs have bodacious ta-tas and no goober is going to change that!

  • Becky Hampton Says:

    If that boy thinks I’m gettin’ outta this tub jus’ ’cause he cut off his pinky fanger,he is ONE bodacious GOOBER!

  • Dale Milner Says:

    He might have had a chance with the bodacious babe but for the nose goober.

  • Charlotte57 Says:

    Well the boy was a total goober but he did have an absolutely bodacious pair of blue jeans that kept him in the running.

  • WannaBQMissyB Says:

    I’m glad I got rid of that goober so that my bodacious mammaries and I could make better memories.

  • Flamingoqueen Says:

    Sometimes my hubby is a total goober, until he remembers that I am the most bodacious queen in his life!

  • Flamingoqueen Says:

    Git your eyes off those bodacious ta-tas, you Goober, and take a look at the queen she is on the inside!

  • Jill Conner Browne Says:

    I am SOOOO GLAD that this is a contest determined by a RANDOM DRAWING–on account of it would be WAAAAY TOO HARD to pick a winner based on content–I am laughing my teeny tiny aiss OFF at these!

  • MedPrincess/HockeyHo Says:

    Bodacious women have kissed many a goober in their quests to find their soulmates.

  • MedPrincess/HockeyHo Says:

    If I don’t get my bodacious self to work soon, I will end up being a goober.

  • GulaGula@Alaska Says:

    Queens live bodaciously while goobers are like boiled peanuts….(hot and plumped up and wishing someone would but them at the gas station)

  • sweetsouthernpearl Says:

    Goober came to my door selling a subscription to that “bunny” magazine and when he saw my bodacious bod he exclaimed I could be Miss Jan through Miss Dec.

  • Ralnana Says:

    Being Bodacious as I am all the goobers come running to me when I stick my head out the door so I just make them do my errands, bring me coffee, and etc.

  • Tracey Byram Says:

    For a plumb bodacious snack, pour a pack of goobers into an ice cold co-cola and enjoy.

  • MedPrincess/HockeyHo Says:

    I sent the goober to the grocery store and he brought back a bodacious amount of beer.

  • sweetsouthernpearl Says:

    I was passing by the local golf course today and saw two bodacious looking goobers looking for their balls.

  • Valasie August Says:

    Even Goobers can have Big Hairy Audacious Goals when they surround themselves with bodacious Sweet Potato Queens!

  • M R Lewis Says:

    Having Bodacious ta-ta’s that were painfully bodacious…I elected to have them reduced, much to my ex-goober husbands chagrin!

  • Prissi Sullivan Says:

    Two policeman, Wingnut and Goober, were called to that bodacious wreck on I-20 last Saturday.

  • QueenlyGeek Says:

    On vacation, I noticed queen material with absolutely bodacious tatas being escorted by the biggest goober this side of the equator! I appropriately named them Tits and Tubbs.

  • TLBaker Says:

    I got behind a BODACIOUS goober in a green Ford Expedition on Old Canton Road today – bet he got his driver’s license in the mail!

  • Shelby Says:

    working with a bodacious bunny is so fab and distracting until HE opens up his mouth, then he just sounds like a young little studly goober.

  • Shelby Says:

    just because you have a bodacious bod it does not mean you can act like a goober.

  • KG Says:


  • Trish Reeves Says:

    I am praying that the prognosis is bodacious and that your glamorous girly chest-goobers are in tit-top form!

  • Monica Hamilton Says:

    Thanks to the ex goober, the queen was able to get the most bodacious travel hair ever!

  • Sharon DeFoor Says:

    (squealing)”Oooo, Goober, that IS bodacious!!!”

  • Dotie Stone Says:

    Even when very young and VERY BO-DACIOUS, alas! my tatas were not, so I found a BO-DACIOUS Goober who fix-ed me raght up! boy! Was my ex-goober MAAAAADDD!nananana!

  • Shelly Terrill Says:

    A Bodacious Martini will definitely cause you to wake up with a Goober

  • Maureen (Queen Reeny) Says:

    What bodacious new that the goober in Jill’s breast is benign!!!!!

  • Fairhope Femme Fatale Says:

    I will not waste my bodacious ta-tas with that ignoraymoose goober ever again!

  • page barker Says:

    Goober is the codename of my Bodacious Sister’s (aka Retail)Beau!

  • Her Royal Granness! Says:

    HRG speaking to her Royal Granddaughters:

    Hunny Chile, no woman needs a BUNCH of “goobers” in her life…just some hot stud with two of ‘em hangin is enough for any “bodacious” queenly bunch of Southern Belle heifers like us’n girls! Besides, if’n you eat too many “goobers” you mite git sick!

  • Mandi Says:

    While I was sitting on my bodacious bee-hind eating Goobers, I realized I better get up and write this sentence or I would never have a chance of winning a spectacular hand-painted SPQ ornament!

  • Rhiannon Says:

    Sometimes even a queen can be a goober – sometimes I forget how bodacious I am, but then I remember and all is right with the world!

  • Barbara Says:

    If you marry a goober, be sure he knows you are a bodacious Queen!

  • SouthernBelle Says:

    I guess I’m a goober since I do not have that bodacious ornament!!! Now I gotta win it!

  • Lora Says:

    The girl NEVER went on another date with Earl,the guy who stopped at the gas station to pee….and instead of going into the restroom like NORMAL PEOPLE, pulled out his bodacious goober and stood BESIDE the building with another guy and they BOTH peed as they talked! Bodacious goober or not, the embarassment just wasn’t worth it!

  • Happy Helper Jan Says:

    Charlie G says the way to get Bodacious is to stop eatting Goobers.

  • Bodacious Barbara Says:

    All y’all bodacious queens and goobers had way too much fun with this one!

  • Shelby Says:

    oh my goodness, just look at that bodacious bunch of boiled goobers….yummy


    BETH ELLIOTT HAS WON THIS CONTEST–WHOO-HOO! CONGRATS AND THANKS TO ALL FOR PLAYING–Y’all kept me HIGHLY entertained through all this Unfortunate Tit Bidness! xxooj.