Schedule of Sweet Potato Queens® Events 18-21 March 2010

SPQTM WEEKEND PASS: Includes everything except as otherwise noted.
And, YES anybody can buy a Weekend Pass.
A fundraising/awareness building weekend for Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital!
Must have Weekend Pass to ride SPQTM buses.
$69 in ADVANCE. (available now in the SPQ Store)
$80 if PURCHASED locally.


  • Renaissance Rocks the Queens – Fabulous Welcome Party and All Manner of Queenly Shopping Specials in the fantastic shops of Renaissance at Colony Park. SPQTM Buses run between Hilton-Jackson and Renaissance 2 – 8 PM. *
  • Comcast Come-on-In! – Queens gather all day and into the night in Fitzgerald’s at the Hilton for Music, Munchies, Laughing and Libations. Music by some of Mississippi’s Finest Singer/Songwriters. *


  • Big Hat LuncheonTM at Bravo! in Highland Village. Ticket required. ** Make reservations at 601-982-8111. $20 in advance, $25 at-the-door. SPQTM Buses run between Hilton-Jackson & Bravo! 10:45 AM until 1:30 PM.
  • Chillin’, Gossipin’ & Tellin’-of-Lies in Fitzgerald’s at the Hilton. Great grazing snacks from CHEF LUIS BRUNO and music by: THE DELTA MOUNTAIN BOYS, Noon – 4 PM and CHRIS GILL, 4 – 8 PM.
  • The Everyday Gourmet Fat Mama’s Knock You Naked Margarita Party. SPQTM Buses: Hilton & EDG, 2 – 5 PM. *
  • Firefly® Sweet Tea Vodka SPQTM Ball & Afterglow at the Hilton, featuring the BOUFFANTS from Memphis and the O-fficial SPQTM Songstress KACEY JONES from Nashville, late night snack-fest from CHEF LUIS BRUNO. 8 PM – until. * At-the-Door Tickets: $10. (NOTE: This is the ONLY event to which a single-event ticket is sold at the door.)


  • Late Breakfast, compliments of the Hilton.
  • “Queen Class of 2010″ Group Photo Shoot before we head downtown to the 28TH Annual Mal’s St. Paddy’s Parade. 11 AM. Outside, behind the Hilton. We want all Queens in Full Regalia for an AERIAL SHOT!
  • Million Queen MarchTM, SPQTM Buses run between Hilton and Parade Line-up from NOON – 5 PM. *
  • Chef Luis Bruno’s Big-A## Boo-Fay at the Hilton. * Huge amounts of huge food from the time we return from the Parade throughout the evening.
  • Michelob ULTRA SPQTM Pearls & Pj’sTM Party at the Hilton, featuring THESE DAYS & JEWEL BASS, all of y’all in your Jammies and Joory, and our own KACEY JONES! * 7:30 PM – until?
  • Pepsi Karaoke Kontest by KRAZY KARAOKE, at the Hilton. Lights, smoke, and all manner of special effects to “enhance” (disguise) your “singing!” 8 PM – until we can’t stand to listen any more. *


  • Bathrobe BrunchTM at the Hilton. QueenChef Brenda serves up a Slap-Your-Grannie Brunch. Soul-soothing music by Lelon Thompson and Jamie Ward. HRH Jill speaks a bit. And yes, we really do wear our bathrobes. Ticket required. ** $29 with online advance reservation, $39 if purchased at Hilton. Limited Seating—book early.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: From 4 PM Friday until Noon on Sunday no one may enter the Hilton without either a Weekend Pass or a Hilton room key.

At-the-door tickets will be sold to the Friday night Firefly® Sweet Tea Vodka SPQTM Ball & Afterglow ONLY. No other at-the-door admissions.


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6 Responses to “Schedule of Sweet Potato Queens® Events 18-21 March 2010”

  • Barb Says:

    Got my tickets! Now if March will just hurry and get here!

  • Jayne Jones Says:

    Got my weekend pass and ticket to Bathrobe Brunch. I have my costume(s) together and ready to roll!! :O)


    It’s a long, long way from Alaskee–you better leave now just to be on the safe side, hunny!

  • Sisco Says:

    no jello wraslin’?

    Barely There Queens–Evansville, IN

  • Queen Tina - New Jersey Says:

    I’m so excited for this (it’s my debut) I could just pop. I’ve got feather boas in pink AND black, and planning a wardrobe around those two items. Oh wait, I’ve got the pink hi-top converse sneakers too, so three items. I have a fabulous dress for the Ball, but very afraid I won’t be able to squeeeeeze myself into it in time! It would go great with those sneakers too!! I don’t mean to sound like an ignorant yankee, but what is the weather like in Mississippi in late March? Can I get some queenly help with that question?


    Hunny, the WEATHER in MS is a crapshoot, any time of the year, any day of the year–and any time of that day! It could be 30 in the morning and 80 by the afternoon–literally. It might be cold and rainy–it might be 85 and sunny–there is just NO TELLING. If it’s misting rain, we’ll parade anyway, just bring a throwaway poncho for that. If it’s pouring, we will just stay at the Hilton and laugh at the weather. If it’s cold, it’s not too much of a problem–you can kinda layer with your outfit and you’re marching so you’re warm. If it’s hot–YOU’LL SWEAT A LOT–like the rest of us!