Important Point of Clarification

Mal’s St. Paddy’s Parade founder Malcolm White notified me yesterday that contrary to his statement of 6 January 2010, 9:17 am, posted on Facebook (“So I have decided to go with a Muppets theme.”), he has “…not made any announcements. This is incorrect information you are broadcasting.”

Okay, fine. As far as I know, here’s the latest with respect to the 2010 Parade “theme” issue as posted by Malcolm on Facebook yesterday, Thursday, 14 January 2010, at 5:16 pm: “This all has to be submitted to Disney (which has been done) for approval and that has not been granted. The SPQ “announcement” of my announcement is premature and unofficial.”

Since the Parade Theme appears to be up-in-the-air as of yesterday at 5:16 pm, if you’re planning outfits to coincide with the “official” theme, I suggest that you keep an eye on Malcolm’s pronouncements on the “Friends of The Mal’s St Paddy’s Day Parade Jackson Mississippi” Facebook page, which is a public forum–you don’t have to join it to read it.

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16 Responses to “Important Point of Clarification”

  • Baby Gen Says:

    Let’s do a Steve Martin themed parade this year and wear white suits and bunny ears, as in: “Well EXCUUUUUUSE ME!”

  • Leigh Says:

    sounds a tad terse, doesn’t he???

  • KimmyDarling Says:

    What a bitch. “I have decided to go with a Muppets theme” must mean “I’m in the mood for a pissing contest.” [YAWN.]

    I’m kinda liking Baby Gen’s idea.

  • Queen Tina - New Jersey Says:

    OK, so what do we really have here? Mal is being threatened to be sued by Mickey Mouse? I had no idea that mouse was so mean-spirited.

  • elizabuf Says:

    how about an UNofficial muppets theme??!! xoxo, buf


    It seems like he made the announcement on his public page, perhaps without realizing that he needed permission–who knows? I was just attempting to promote the entire Weekend–as I always do. There was nothing on his site to indicate anything other than certainty on the theme–so I sent it out. From the way it was all worded on there, from the beginning–it appeared to me (and apparently a lot of other people as well, who were offering up slogan ideas) that that was, in fact, his promised announcement–1st on that page.

    When advised that he does not, in fact, have the necessary permissions in hand–I promptly gave notice of that–because, although we don’t really care about the themes each year–sometimes we play along, sometimes not–it’s just about FUN for us–we realize that a lot of folks ARE serious about the competition and want correct info. So…we all await his next words…it’s his deal, we just play along.

  • Giant Robot Says:

    Well, to avoid infringement, why don’t we just call ‘em “Pummets” and make them really bad so there will be no confusion.


    NO–we’re STEPPUMs! Or PEPTUMs! OR JUST PLAIN PIGS! And I don’t think there’s any danger of them being anything BUT BAD!

  • Prissymae Says:

    Yawn – i’m gonna wear whatever I damn well please – just like every year. I am not interested in pissing with any man. Geez!



  • Kathy T. Says:

    Honestly, y’all, I can’t think of anything better for a theme than being a Sweet Potato Queen. All else simply pales in comparison.


    Well, of course, you’re right! The themes are fun sometimes and we go along–but the Parade is ALWAYS FUN, whether we do the theme or not. It’s just getting out there that’s the thing. But, as I said, we pigs.

  • Kathy T. Says:

    Hmm, I’m detecting a possible “pig” theme, without the Muppets. Pig candy . . . Bacon makes everything better . . .Pigging Out . . Hamming it up . . . Swine Lake . . . Okay, I’m making myself hungry now. You get my drift, anyway.


    Yeah–we kinda got hung up on pigs right off the bat–and we’re going with it! Can’t wait around to see what develops–planning outfits is too important! And it won’t matter what the official theme turns out to be–it will be FUN and that’s ALL that matters!

    We do welcome all pigs, for sure!

  • WannabeaqueenMavis Says:

    Ok ladies, yall justa making my mouth water talkin bout bacon. We all know crispy bacon strips to be the 9th wonder of the known worle.

    on annova subjec, I cannot believe I have missed all the Queenly fun!

    I look forward to being a “virgin queen” this year (being as this would be my very first trip to Jackson). And just so’s I don’t miss nuffin, I’m gonna bring my sister (Debuty Virgin Queen) with me (grinnin like a fool)

    Jill – I got a story bout my “azz hat” you gotta hear girl.


    Mavis-We look forward to the Slutification of you and your Virgin Sister! Y’all are gonna have soooo much fun! xxooj.