Splish Splash

1:57 AM: Arrived in Little Rock, AR. Kyle in Fun House shower trying to get wet. Wants to shave whole body to try to make it easier. Told him later–just try to get off soap best he can & not crack skull on wierd shower door. Lotta racket in there. Expecting assorted wounds and blood in the gray water tank.

Comment Section to be available soon!

Please post if we can bathe at your house.

Sorta clean, plenty crabby,
HRH Jill

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13 Responses to “Splish Splash”

  • cmb Says:

    of course you can shower here! come on by! won’t do you any good ’til next week, we’re by durham, but now you have a plan for next week, lol!

  • Scarlet Says:

    Ha,ha..you can shower, and just for laughs we’ll let Kyle use the shower in our master bedroom, its quite similar to what you’re describing in the camper!! Its positively claustrophobic..clean, however.

  • viney Says:

    you certainly can come shower at my place, but you would probably rather go the the spa at Stone Mountain Park! Hubby works there now and maybe I can get you a deal!!! LOL!!!

  • Joani Says:

    Kyle can shower and use up to 60 gallons of hot water, then you can loll in the tub, while the dogs find smelly stuff to roll in, then we’ll throw them in the tub too.

    Would love to see film at 11 of the all over shave!

  • Kay Says:

    Too late to shower at my place as you’re probably 1/2 way to Memphis by now, but next time Kyle climbs into the water closet I hope he enjoys the Stud Suds soap I brought him tonight. Great meetin’ y’all. You looked like a queen with the patience of a saint.
    Lookin’ forward to the parade.

  • Vicki Says:

    You can use our shower & I’ll cook you up a WHOLE HEAPIN of food. There will be all the important things one must eat every day to stay healthy. Pork, cheese, fried anything, cheese, something full of cream cheese, & of course the main entree CHOCOLATE!!!!!

  • Heidi Says:

    If you’re in Tupelo, come on by!! I have a 4 yr old that loves all things Sparkle-y and an 18 month old that walks around with her bracelets on ALL the time so you should fit right in!!

    I’ll even throw the towels in the dryer so they are all snuggly and warm when you get out of the shower!!!

    Safe travels!

  • Heidi Says:

    Oh, and so not to forget the pooches, I have two kitty cats for them to chase around the house! It should be quite the party!!!


  • Reeny Says:

    Good to see you both last night. We didn’t get to see the new doggie. If I had only known ahead of time you ae always welcome to shower at my house.

    I showed Kyle the picture from our Queens entertaining at a Christmas party with his cousin-in-law. If I can get it digital I will post it. I may even try Facebook but it would be virgin territory.

  • sharon Says:

    Hey there – I’m a stones throw from Border’s at Bailey’s Crossroads and there are 4 churches (one on each corner) that you can probably park the bus in their lot for a night or two (or, if you’re early on the cul-de-sac).

    Let me know what you need and we’ll work it out.


  • KimmyDarling Says:

    Wooooohooooo! Comments!!!!!


  • precious pam Says:

    Yall can shower here and sleep on our new Queen mattress once you get to Alpharetta. Too bad its not warm enough to use the outdoor shower – its epay. Then Cutest and my hubbie could talk wood! let me know :)

  • HRH LaVeda Says:

    Hey Shug,
    I am so glad I put off my purchase of the new book, as you will be in DALLAS soon, so I’ll just wait and have you autograph it your very own self. Please curse that ‘ol ex MD husband of mine, I think the Queens made him leave Jackson, so He’s just making the kind folks of Tupelo crazy (and HE’s the psychiatrist….)He did not give his only son (who’s about to go off to medical school himself) a DAMN thing for Christmas (and we are Catholic…), but wife #5 pro-ly got plenty. I will come with my Tiara on. See you on the 25th, in big “D”. (We won’t mention the Cotton Bowl, though, Shug!) I went to Bama anyhooo……