Actually, I have not ever watched AI–however, the other night, I was in Omaha (which is BEAUTIFUL, by the way–and guess what?–IT’S NOT FLAT!  Who knew??) and I was done with my duties and just piled up in my ho-tel room, flipping through the channels and they were showing the HUUUGE RECEPTION that the AI contestant from Conway, Arkansas got when he went home –VERY IMPRESSIVE–and right there, smack in the front row of ever’thang–were OUR VERY OWN BELOVED TOAD-SUCK QUEENS IN FULL REGALIA!!  I have rarely been as proud as I was at that moment!  

That boy from Conway is darlin’ and I was very gratified that he got A WAY BIGGER RECEPTION than the other folks in their hometowns–and he sang good too–so for all of y’all who watch that show–VOTE FOR HIM!  If he’s good enough for the TOAD SUCK QUEENS, then he’s, by golly, THE MAN FOR US!

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  • Queen.Saraka Says:

    I was so vera glad to see that lovely green hair, if even for just a moment. I knew the girls done made us proud. They are, of course, our neighbors. The Hogs and Kisses Queens are so proud we were represented.

    The young man’s name is Kris Allen..and here is a youtube of him.

    Remember the creed of the south…vote early and vote often.

  • DevilWoman65 Says:

    But…but… that other weird one with the black fangernails sangs SO pretty. Do I HAVE to vote suthern?

    It must be all the southern power that screwed things up in the first place. We don’t know our own strength. The “other” votes must have been split between Black-Fingernail-Boy and the cutie with the glasses, and the cutie lost. He has just about the best voice I’ve heard in a long time, no offense to Joe Cocker. My heart’s just not in it now…